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Rolls  Royce Phanton I 1928
         Mr. Allen Swift:  Born - 1908 - Died 2010 (or 2005?)

This man owned  & drove the same car for 82 YEARS. (or 77years)
         Can you imagine  even having the same car for 82 years?
         Mr. Allen Swift  ( Springfield , Massachusetts ) received this 1928
    Rolls-Royce  Piccadilly-P1 Roadster from his father, brand new -
    as a graduation  gift in 1928.
         He drove it up  until his death last year ... At the age of  102!!!
         He was the  oldest living owner of a car that was purchased  new.
         Just thought  you'd like to see it.
         It was donated  to a Springfield museum after his death.
         It has 1,070,000  miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent
    at any speed and  is in perfect cosmetic condition.
         82 years -  That's approximately 13,048 miles per year (1087 per  month)...
1,070,000 that's  miles not kilometres!!

That's British  engineering of a bygone era.
       I don't think  they make them like this anymore  .

There are a few inaccuracies in the report given above and some additional information is available.
The man in the photo is Allan Swift of West Hartford, CT and the car he posed with was his 1928 Rolls Royce Phantom I, which he bought new and drove for close to 77 years.  Swift died at the age of 102 in October of 2005. In the 1920’s the British based Roll Royce company had a plant in Springfield, MA where 2,944 vehicles were produced. In 1994 Swift was presented a crystal Spirit of Ecstasy award by Rolls-Royce Motors for holding the record of the longest ownership of one of their automobiles.
Further details are given here:

Comments on Rolls Royce:

Rolls Royce cars biggest strength was that they were very rugged.  So much so that, once some one who purchased  RR Car never came back to buy another one.
His car continued to serve him in a trouble free manner.
So much so that the RR Company's one of the reasons of failure was, its trouble free service.
Rolls Royce are model cars even today. I remember we had 2 such vintage cars in the BHU Engg College Auto Shop and the i/charge would take us for a ride one day, stop it at the start point of an up slope, put in 3rd gear and show us the  upclimb smoothly. Also he would emphasise that you open the engine bonnet, hit any where with a small hammer n nothing will happen. When I visited my College 3yrs back I specifically asked to see these cars, still there, though not running now. Thanks
FYI the RR cars you are mentioning at BHU are Silver Ghost and Silver Shadow.
Incidentally, I graduated from the same university.  They also had a very old truck, of the era, when even the differential gears were not implemented in the trucks.
BHU also had a full scale, 12 cylinder air cooled radial engine to power the propellers of the fighter planes of WW II.
Truly a great place of learning, for me.
Yes, you well remember their models. Excited to hear it Mr Dayal. May be professional Siamese Twins of an earlier birth, same college, same job, same post-retirement pursuits.
In fact Rolls and Royce were the two persons.
One had put in his money and the other one had put in his technical expertise.
........... and Some sideline talk in a lighter vein:

In a lighter vein, I hope he did not change wives either

No jokes about the ... wives around International Women's day.
Take care ...
care taken
words withdrawn
i can't say, in the words of our leaders.. i was mis quoted
i can only say
i was mis-written!
In lighter veins:
Today,being a thursday, the philosophical attitude takes over.
  I was just wondering "what comprises fun or a joke" Are we trying to entertain others or sometime obliquely putting a jibe in its garb, mostly the former I guess, but like a ghost and inspite of ourselves, sometimes our alter ego beats our conscious mind. I realized as to why characters like Johnny Walker, Mehmood, Mr Beans, Charlie Chaplin, Sardarjis and many others became so popular and successful in life just by being funny. The common factor being they made fun of them selves and made every one happy n no hurting. May be useful to avoid misuse of "in lighter vein".

Well given   and   Well taken !
Nothing escapes your eagle eyes. I bow for your indulgence.
Wish I could do that (drive )with my Maruti 800 of 1985 which is as good as new. Alas registration renewal!


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